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Your CPA should work for you. Not the IRS.

I usually do my own taxes, why should I hire you?

In a computer age, there are many simple alternatives available. Unfortunately, they can only offer simple solutions. You wouldn’t be your own doctor, or your own lawyer. Our years of carefully-tested strategies are not found in mass-marketed programs. Moreover, we explain everything in detail, and we’ll answer any questions you have. Because we do the heavy lifting, you’re finally free to do other things you really enjoy… while increasing your wealth.

Based on results we’re able to produce, an understandable question. The short answer — yes. We only recommend approaches that we’ve used personally to build our own tax-efficient wealth over the years. We never recommend anything illegal, and our successful track record substantiates that.

What can you do to help me?

First, we listen. We analyze your circumstances in detail, and we present a custom solution. We present this individual, unique program as a holistic system, explaining the strategy and the reasoning behind it. It will require a little homework – we’ll give you a list of answers we need – but we’ll work with you to discover them.

Am I “important” enough to hire a professional?

Absolutely. Everyone — at least once — should have a tax professional review their tax history and their projected payments. For decisions as important as these, expert opinions are invaluable. This has nothing to do with your best efforts in the past: you can’t apply what you don’t know. And your peace of mind is worth paying for.

Do I have enough income for tax planning?

Yes. Everyone who pays taxes also has the opportunity to reduce those taxes. These methods exist, and they’re perfectly legal – they just have to be implemented. We’ll show you practical ways to reduce your tax burden, whatever your income.

How much do you cost?

The answer is simple, but it may be unexpected. We don’t cost anything. The services we offer will pay for themselves. And that’s not a zero-sum equation: in addition to compensating us, you should realize an additional return on your investment. We never recommend services if the cost in tax savings won’t pay for the cost of administration.

I may have ongoing questions – what kind of personal service can I expect?

The best. We don’t deal in “volume”. Although some strategies apply universally, all of our clients are unique – and we treat them that way. We answer emails and return phone calls promptly because that’s the only way we’ve ever operated. It’s the reason our clients may start out as “customers”, but they frequently turn into “friends”… who return to us year after year.